Thursday, December 08, 2005

i'm not so weird after all...

as promised. daryl, here you go.

"Rules of the game:
1. post 5 weird/random stuff about yourself
2. at the end, list the names of 5 people who you want next to do this, and leave a "you are tagged" comment and tell them to read your blog for rules"

1. there are bees in my ceiling light, and they freak the hell out of me. if i run to you crying, please don't laugh at me.
2. i have millions of soft toys. named after people who gave them to me.
3. i kiss my dogs and don't give a damn what you think about that :)
4. i dislike gel/wax in guys' hair. argh. i like soft ruffle-able hair =p
5. i am still not used to my name (emily, not yemily, hamily, emiry or eeemeelee) so when you call me and don't get an answer it's either cos i'm day dreaming, or really don't realise my name's emily.

my 5 people are jo, bean, rou an, phil-di and itkz! (rou an has no tag board though.. how!) hee actually i think i'm not so weird after all... maybe just more random than weird =p

k i'll let others blog about yesterday's frs, christmas carols and uzap at ian's. this is a picture of us and the little boy who adopted us at the paeds playground. i have a feeling we've used the playground more than any of the kids there.

argh crap my phone is dead... and wenxian won't let me keep his phone *sulks* so if i don't reply or anything, it's not my fault!! =p

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