Saturday, December 10, 2005

my feet are dying

"i wish i could run around naked all the time" -- anonymous (for the sake of friendship this person shall remain unnamed)

on thursday, met up with ian and hon (instead of zhui, hai) to wander aimlessly around town, eating every few steps and indulging ourselves with hug mugs and then pretty christmas cards with liwei when he met us later on.

and after FRS ended today, it was shopping with hon aileen moses and ian. my gosh, we went *mad* at esprit, or rather es-pi-reeet according to this auntie in the changing room. aileen was on a roll, snapping up wow presents just like that. and i think i almost hyperventilated and died when itkz called the liver "cu4" very loudly on the bus to town.

this is the first time i've spent so much time with one group of people so many days in a row. in school, out of school, all over singapore... you get the idea. yes bean, 3stan misses you :( i don't know what it is about 3stan, no one seems to get how/why an anatomy group can come together and be such fast friends. girl/boyfriends/mothers may complain, or other cliques get jealous (in general i mean!) but it's too much of a joy to be around the warmest and funn(i)est people on earth, that's why i'm not sick of them, and i don't think i ever will be. how simple and how lovely. this coming from an Easily-Bored-Person. bean, 3stan misses you :(

i still think we should've won! hmpf.

i have been on my feet since 2pm - the time now is 1245am, fuck - and despite the tremendously grand dinner i had (but i sat down and ate 3 courses in 3 hours, wth) i'm in a bloody foul mood. because i hate it when things don't go my way, and there's nothing i can do about it. because you say so. because i can't stand the way you speak down to me, as if my life is dictated by the mistakes you've made, or restricted by the things you've never done - it's not a fair comparison, shouldn't i be left to live my life too? because everytime you talk about me i feel like punching you, waste of effort, waste of my life. because i feel like saying Fuck. because i don't know what's going on and it's just killing me, because i care too much. because you say the right things at the right time but i don't care. because i've got nice-people-withdrawal-symptoms. because my friends hate seeing me moodswing like a drunk pendulum (aiya whatever, my brain isn't functioning, you think of something better to say)


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