Tuesday, December 13, 2005


acting cool, or not
aiyoh, definitely not cool =)

wow, my very first stayover at a guy's house was so successful! very many cool things to store in my happy memories brain space :)

we started off with 3stan olympics at alvin's condo. events were tennis, squash, ultimate frisbee, waterpolo-with-sepak-takraw-ball, pingpong. the winner was esther in my opinion, who was so stealthily good at waterpolo-with-sepak-takraw-ball. we really need to get a shorter name for that game. and ultimate frisbee, or rather wild flying frisbee game, saw liwei and alvin getting scratches all over as they climbed all over to retrieve the frisbee :/ but tans vs tans-and-song was so fun! our fun in the sun lasted 4 hours, i conked out on the bus to holland v, totally burnt and full from the macs we ordered in.

bbq-food-shopping at cold storage was chaotic! but luckily after smartly volunteering to push the trolley instead of decide what foods to buy, ian and i found a nice spot in the canned food isle to sit down at =p

1. boring salad which i love
2. beef cooked to varying degrees of cooked-ness
3. pineapple
4. oozing cheesy sausages - heaven's delight, all thanks to aileen
5. Very Sweet Drinks
6. ian's maid's noodles
7. marshmallows
8. and last but not least, guiness stout chicken wings :)

i like sitting by the not purple pool just talking about serious things, not so serious things and just pure rubbish, singing old songs with ian strumming his guitar and threatening to throw each other in (actually it was just chen waiting for his revenge. haha why did i call you chen. how bean-ish)

ian: "shashashashasha!"
alvin: "where are the pants?!!" and "ian has very silky legs"

chocolate fondue, SPL and amityville horror (aiyohhh such traumatising shows, luckily i had nice big pillows to hide behind, as i learnt from mingjun) and half sleeping in the big living room... we lasted till 445am then hon and i snuck to ian's sister's room and buried ourselves in the lovely bed, while ian and liwei went back to ian's room (so heyhey!! haha) and left alvin the snoring person with aileen and bean. goodness knows how they managed to sleep through it all. not bad la, considering the last few stayovers i've had ended up with us sleeping a little after midnight - old already la =p

breakfast at breko's! bad eggs, and a long wait. but waking up and starting the day with these people is so happifying :D yay now i'm going to sleep.

ian's pretty pool. and "where are the pants?!"
the capsicums we bought to roast but accidentally sliced up instead.
jo probably loves this picture. chen only takes good food pictures
iron chefsfondue fruits... chocolate's all gone :)
crazy people i love
the morning after
"ian, you look like you have no friends"
sheesh too many photos!! in short i love 3stan!

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