Friday, January 13, 2006

i got what i wanted

the sun was out today! the changes in the weather are freaky, but i'm happy for now. you should've seen the number of people streaming out of the lt, realising the sun was out, then basking in it :)

i had a really fantastic anatomy practical session today! firstly i decided to read a bit before attending class, so i wouldn't look like a complete fool. so 3stan met our new tutor, prof ling, and he's so loveable and just totally great. argh i just wish we could have him to ourselves forever =p

finally got down to checking my anat results, and since everyone was so anxious about the newly-posted physio results, i decided to just go for the heck of it since it wouldn't help me unfail if i didn't go check. and, oh my, i actually passed everything! not with flying colours but it's good enough for me =)

receiving phone calls! makes me happy - if you don't call me, i don't suppose i want to speak to you either, and if i wanted to call you, i would. even if it was just for a short while, a welcome phone call can make me smile for the rest of the day :D

addendum : oh my i just realised it was friday the 13th! now's saturday, sheesh. no wonder the radio show was talking about the fear of the number 13 etc.

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