Sunday, January 15, 2006

not yet, not yet

NOOO. it's one week to my twentieth birthday and i'm already feeling old and unaccomplished. no, it's not so much unaccomplished as inexperienced, in the sense that i haven't done anything spectacularly exciting in my life. safe boring path, no fear, no risks, sian diao >.<

BORING teen years. nothing much to talk about, apart from the slight bit of scandal, even less studying and almost zero social life. but i do have to be happy about the friends i've made, especially those who've stuck with me from when i wasn't the shortest girl in the class till now - that's a long time in case you were wondering. and my newest friends have proven to be great people i can count on already yay :) and i'm thankful to have found some things i really liked, eg touch rug and judo, eating and shopping haha. okay. so even if there's no trulymadlydeeply love to show for it, no crazy passion that made it through to uni, and no great achievement to speak of, it's all right cos i've got my friends! who can go and love and passion and achieve all that they want =) it's not that hard to compare, because i'd choose my darling friends over anything else i could have, anytime.

can you believe i'll be 2 whole decades old when the clock strikes midnight. and then i'd have to go to school in the morning and mourn the loss of those boring teenage years in depressing school. oh no argh, so old!! wrinkles, sagging skin etc, no chance of growing any taller :'( sucks. and there's always that niggling regret at not having done anything special. and for making all the wrong choices. bleah. okay now that that's out, i can look forward to the possibility of the next decade (oh no if you count in decades, you know you're getting aged. help!) being full of great adventures and plenty of excitement. i'll look for it if i have to, i'll live my life because there's only one chance to get it right.

back to dreary things, i have given up studying this weekend; the sentence i've been reading since thursday night is still half-read.

ps. i'm really dumb when it comes to guessing surprises. but thanks jo in advance for the present :)

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