Friday, January 27, 2006

if i read as much anat as i watched it...

yay ian rocks! and he is friendly, despite the impression he gives some=p
i stayed up all night watching the entire 1st season of grey's anat, and 3 more episodes from the 2nd season. so sleepy but happifying :) except the last part where i was devastated cos i'd run out of episodes to watch. so, yay chen rocks too! for agreeing to lend me the rest of grey's anatomy season 2 tomorrow, so i won't die from incompleteness :)

it's not that i admire the way they have dramatised it so much that most medics think it's not an accurate protrayal of their lives. but aiya, i think it's fun to watch and i thrive on these kinda shows. and i love listening to all the jargon. so inspiring, and i always feel like talkingveryveryfast because they keep rattling off disease names, test results and procedures. more, more!! =)

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