Saturday, January 28, 2006

xin nian kuai le!

reunion lunch with maternal grandmother, a really good meal with all our favourite dishes. pig stomach soup with gingko, buah keluak, and ngo hiang :) i'm a happy girl today... can't wait for dinner haha.

i like how my parents visit my grandfathers every year. what with their hectic schedule, they still take time off every single year to clean the headstones, pluck out all the weeds, and buy fresh flowers. so filial, very unconditional, and admirable to say the least.

besides the big family reunion and visiting friends, it's also a time to be good children. tonight, as always, i'll stay up late so my parents will live longer. don't say it's silly just because there's no proof, or just because it's only what superstitious people do. it's aiya, no harm trying right =p

and yay i ran today! feet are aching and shoes are dying. speaking of shoes, i STEPPED IN BRAIN yesterday. urgh. time to bathe, wash the soles of my shoes, and get ready for more reunion stuff. xin nian kuai le everyone!

ps. jo and yun, wish you were here! =/

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