Monday, January 30, 2006


chen didn't pass me the grey's anatomy that would've completed my life. my life is also incomplete because i don't have a boyfriend (relatives keep asking, and it's getting annoying. as if i can help it if i haven't found the right one right) this lack of boyfriend can be attributed to my grouchiness because of the lack of patrick dempsey's curly hair and gorgeous eyes, and other scandalous drama whatever on grey's anatomy. therefore by mathematical induction, chen, it's all your fault that my life is incomplete.

but i did have a rather eventful cny. in the morning, my entire family, and another family (my cousins, and auntie and uncle) which makes 9, were trapped in a lift meant for 6 people max. at first we were so proud of being able to fit 2 families into one tiny lift, and when it started moving, for 2 floors, we were so smug about being light enough. BUT THEN in between the first floor and the basement, the lagging lift started to feel overloaded. and stopped. wth. so we happily took photos inside, and called more relatives for help. in no time, my other uncle and the security guard had pryed open the doors and we had to jump down (skirts, dresses, nice clean red shirts all messed up) to the basement floor.

us being bored in the lift, our plan was to wait till we got hungry then consume all the oranges we were holding.
cousin crawling then jumping out :)

apparently, red underwear is Not as lucky as my father made us believe, for like 20 years. oh dear.

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