Tuesday, January 31, 2006

clocks and oranges

spastic title. but i was thinking about time, and about oranges, so there :)

i had a great time with my og and random (but equally loveable) people today, slacking in general and eating at all times. boy am i full to the brim with bakkwa, tarts, nuts, and colourful soft drinks. yakult, i want. my point is that, there are just some people you can spend the entire day with and be sian together, and not mind, as opposed to those who are only full of excitement for 5 minutes then just chiong out of your life once the thrill is gone. what i'm saying is that you don't need to be energetic all the time to have a good time, me being the lazy bum that i am, don't really mind basking in some people's company for half a day.

on to clocks. my clock stopped working today and i was super pissed off for a while, but then i replaced the batteries and all was well. relationships don't work that way, right? it's all very in the moment (for me). i can't save up memories just to pour them out to some guy once every 3 months or something, right? it loses its flavour, and i would have to talk really fast =p it just wouldn't work, in my book. be there with me, be there for me.

also, after a while things change, and if you were in love (or what we may think is intense enough to define as that) now, it may not be that way in the next few years, months, weeks, days, even. that's why, daryl, i was so sad. that's why we can never go back to being that way, buddies, best friends, soulmates. it's all changed, and all that's left is the regret that i/you/we never stopped it from disintegrating. irreparably damaged by time, and a change in mentality, perspectives, level of maturity. unless.

unless of course, one of you is the world's most patient person, who can understand, who can tolerate, who is willing to fill in the gaps with you, and who can still love just as much if not, more, as before. i'm not as patient, but i hate giving up. that's horrible right, i admit that it's only because i hate giving up. saying no is such a horrifying thing to do, that i'd rather continue being miserable than move on. well done.

oh do you know what, we didn't take any photos today! ironic haha.

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