Friday, February 03, 2006


talk of europe was happifying! my head was totally lost in the clouds as we got excited listing the places to visit, then crossing some out, and adding even more =p i just wanna immerse myself in a country's culture and not be boring. do you think i'm expecting too much from this holiday? i'm afraid but i'm going to stop being afraid. i am.

advice, and suggestions. things to consider that amuse me ;)
should i even? haha no.

hugs krispy kreme(s?) and "handsome" boy - make it more than 1 donut, and maybe "handsome" will stop being in inverted commas. food makes the world go around, it makes me get rounder =p

broke (what's new) from a trip to the post office. your present's on the way! i miss my best friend :( haha what's new, seriously. seriously.

so much for conquering the depression that's been circulating around the school. it must be the fumes from the anatomy hall.

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