Thursday, February 09, 2006


had my first ramly burger today! it was so mouthwatering, especially so when i walked into the lt late, and had to endure 15 minutes of lecture with its cephalic-phase-inducing smells wafting through the air, and its fresh-from-the-grill heat radiating through the sweater i was smothering it with. after the class, we didn't even bother walking out of the lt to eat, kenrick dedrick and (mostly) me devoured it just sitting in our row. super unhealthy, with the sauce, seasoning, egg and butter. BUT. it is to die for. TO DIE FOR, i tell you!! omg tomorrow i'm so going back for another =)

my attempt to study in school to break the monotony failed. i got cold and sleepy by 5, incidentally that was when our very fun 12-people-tutorial with prof peterhuang ended, and steamed fish at home sounded too good to pass up :)

it always takes much more energy to get started than to keep going. or is it harder to maintain something than to start it? sometimes we don't even realise it's begun, and then when we do, we struggle to keep afloat. and sometimes it's simply impossible to fight with the inertia and get things going. who asked me to stop in the first place. now i'm not sure what i'm referring to anymore.

europe trip plans undergoing mutations (okay la, some good, some bad, some worry-fying, and all very distracting) and valentine's day is going to be a mugging day, unless there's time for a singles dinner - yes, with balloons and lotsa comfort food =p

and on top of it all, i still miss jolyn chua. remember the photos k! haha we really should've measured its circumference that night!! ;)

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