Saturday, February 11, 2006

somewhat angry post

hello! let's start off with decent/nice things.

had a refreshing 9 hour sleep, after watching sleepers (with brad pitt! i loved the book when i read it, but could never remember the title) time to start on histology. cells, you suck. oh there was no ramly burger on friday, and i had a very unproductive birthday present shopping trip - i only managed to buy a card, which i think is not fantastic now. but i have a better idea of which handphone to get, and had a relaxing time at coffee bean, albeit with cadaverised coffee and ugly phone photos :/:\:| oh and happy band concert ian (:

and happy happy birthday! *huGs*

okay now on to angry thing/s.

omg wtf are you doing! i bet you know, and i can bet you don't feel guilty or ashamed or even a sliver of embarrassment. nobody should bully people the way you do, nor should they be able to get away with it. yeah i know all's fair in love and war, but seriously, it isn't love when you've manipulated people this way. this isn't justified at all. i wish you'd go away and stay away forever and ever and ever. boo. oh grow up, you... horrible person! urgh.

okay good vibes in, bad vibes out. histo/anat beckons. sheesh.

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