Tuesday, February 14, 2006

shirts tell the truth, maybe

don't make my world spin
don't take my specs off and (in actual fact, not) kiss me
don't tell me i'm huggable
don't tickle me silly
don't kiss my forehead
don't hold my hand
and not expect me to expect you to ask me the right question, say the right things. because, my dears, expectations. they are a killjoy.

to be fair, no one really lied. and some boys don't suck la.

oh no i realise that today was actually quite nice despite the angsty thing above. i like the part with our 2 hour long breakfast, then basking in the sun (all during the first 2 hours of school, oops), the part with the rose and fantastic muffin, the part where harun distributed cups of milo to the girls, and the part where klassie actually bit my ponytail to catch my attention to cheer me up haha, so cute right!! okay that's it, goodnight.

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