Friday, February 17, 2006

sianified friday.

how is it that hormones manage to ruin so much in life. maybe WW2 started because some guy's wife was pms-ing and sparked off his world-domination plans just so he could get out of the house.

how is it that friendships, or other ships die off so easily. for some it's a matter of regularity and proximity, for some it's more on the excitement of meeting once in a blue moon to hear only the most exciting parts of their lives. neither is bad, who am i to judge. if love alone is enough to keep it alive? without commitment, without effort, without a slight bit of suffering and tonnes of understanding? unless of course love is all that. commitment, effort, suffering and understanding.

how is it that people seem to find freaking irritating things to say to me for no good reason. is it always me, or does anyone else find that certain people just seem to always rub you the wrong way. i mean, if you have nothing good to say, please shut up. because you're not my mother, you're not my best friends, you're not my friend. don't even talk to me if you have something good to say, because i don't like your face, your voice and your personality.

how is it that everything's a jumbled mess in my brain, and it's completely screwing up the functions of my limbs, and all my senses. everything i did today was strangely detached and it was obviously abnormal - i really don't normally go tripping over so many things or doing weird things. hai.

biochem, anatomy and physio, you suck. hormones, you suck too.

i'm hungry and my dinner's at 8. save me!

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