Sunday, February 19, 2006

just farting around

refreshing run at 8am. i should've been under my comforter snuggling with my best friend mr bolster but i slept too early and after a whole week of moping inactivity i was feeling fat, so that was probably the best decision i've made so far.

yesterday was hilarious. fun-o-rama at acjc with my 2 favourite boys :)
the quote of the day has got to be "arghhh fuck you cheebye!" by this group of acjc people in front of us at the scone haunted house. that was their natural? response to being scared by ghosts and crawling monsters in lt2, so i ended up laughing throughout the $10 walk through an lt. albeit nervously, because this wet wig fell on me and i clung on to david so badly he had to shake me off. and omg ramly burger! and krispy kreme donut!! it was a day of good food - the main reason for feeling fat at 8am.

europe cannot die! the 3tans, let's jia you =p

and i'm sick of being sian. so i'll be anything but that. ooh, i can't wait for the next episode of grey's to come out! :) my slacking weekend must stop now. after church and lunch i will be studying (i say it as if i mean it, but do chase me off if you see me online cos i don't do anything useful and i've already printed my notes so slap me if i say i'm here to print notes) bye! oh and look at what jo sent me, i love you babe! *huGs*

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