Saturday, February 25, 2006


the issue of flirting has always amused me.

especially when the whole world, except the target of flirtation, is in the know. the harder the flirt tries, the more desperate he gets, unknowingly or not, the more oblivious the girl becomes, either by choice - out of disgust and denial, or simply because she never noticed him in the first place and never will. it's rather sweet at first, then it becomes very interesting to sit back and watch how someone will (attempt to) stop him because it's too pathetic to just let it continue, or if he has no friends, he'll kill himself trying too hard.

but more insidious is the chronic flirt, who may not be wholly flirting for the purpose of catching the eye of one special girl/boy, but more for the fun of it, just because he/she can. he/she exudes confidence and self-assurance, and has a charisma that can be used for good as well as, more often than not, evil. that's quite a bastardy thing to do, oh yes i just remembered, these people are called buayas! how can you tell if he/she is sincere, it's like the boy who cried wolf - you will never truly believe him. okay, name-calling aside, maybe it is inevitable, as a sort of self-preservative course of action to ensure the potentiality of a future relationship (that's a lot of maybe's. but it's better than nothing, or is it) so are flirts confident, able people, or just insecure shits like the rest of us?

everybody flirts, it's just a matter of how well, and how consciously.
i want to flirt with you, *my love ;) haha i'm still amused lol...

*seriously, that was for nobody hor, so don't do the medfac thing where rumours fly and people gossip like there's no tomorrow. BLEAH!

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