Friday, February 24, 2006

no name quiz

so interesting! found it a long time ago. it's nicer to do it without posting who's who. anyway, just the first 20 people off the top of my head... no prizes for guessing who =p

how did you first meet 13?
by chance i guess. haha! the question was how right.

what would you do if you'd never met 5?
it'd be strange, i think i'd lose the ability to make friends properly. and there'd be less chibaboom-ness is my life =p

what do you honestly think of 10?
beautiful soul, pretty smile, nice starry eyes and very cute laughter. and haha, some strange obsession with taking photos of herself. oh and IN DENIAL!

would 19 and 20 go out?
haha, this isn't brokeback mountain, even if they get along very well.

have you ever liked 9?
aww of course, i love my go-library-study-till-5 friend.

if 1 dies tomorrow, what is the one thing you need the person to know?
you already know everything there is to know. oh i have your hc shirt, and if you want, there's another new rj pe shirt in my cupboard. and if you're not sick of hearing it, i love you!

would 2 and 11 make a good couple?
hahaha! no she's too perfect, and she thinks he has fucked up hair.

who is 16 going out with?
no one i think. he's in india (that's not a reason haha)

describe 7 in 3 words?
lanky eyebrows meanie (i'm having so much fun doing this)

do you think 2 is hot?
of course! b**b** hahaha

would 1 and 17 make a good couple?
probably, they're both slightly kinky females, and they seem to get very excited when they see each other haha. and they both like to drink?

what do you think when you see 8?
maybe she's going to buy idragon/milo again...

what's 20's fave colour?
dunno, red? he has nice red shoes! =p

on a scale of 1-10 how cute is 15?
9. the stutter adds to the cuteness for no reason.

what would you do if 4 confessed his/her undying love for you?
i would laugh and ask if he's feverish and delusional.

what language does 19 speak?
english, chinese.

who is 14 going out with?
i dunno, his other commando buddies?

would 18 and 4 make a good couple?
nope, they're straight guys.

what year is 17 in?

when was the last time you talked to 12?
i don't remember, maybe hi and bye before anat pract.

what's 6's fave band?
destiny's child. or haha the acjc band?

does 14 have any siblings?
yes many brothers and 1 sister.

would you ever date 3?
yes. no. oh no, no comment =p

is 15 single?
nope. urgh. blah =(

have you ever taken advantage of 11 while he/she's passed out?
nope. i wouldn't want to anyway - remember the fucked up hair.

if 13 and 6 were forced to fight to the death, who would you put your money on?
haha! 6 of course. 13 is too skinny, female, and i'm closer to 6 anyway.

who will age better, 2 or 5?
they'll age the same la. except while one's white as tofu in london, the other's getting more tanned everyday in singapore.

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