Friday, March 10, 2006

"if it's one thing i can't stand, it's loose vowels"

in an effort to remove all manner of suckiness in my life, i'm going to have as much fun as possible while studying for the finals. i think it's a good plan. because at least then i'll remember the good times, just in case something bad happens *choychoytouchwood*

and i just ran, so invigorating :) it's really a once in a blue moon thing, me exercising. congratulate me for running through ALL of namly, driveroadcrescentavenuegroveplacehill, and shaking paws with any dog that so much as wags their tail at me. happiness is getting the approval of a dog =p happiness is also huggable girl friends. i love my loves!

that's after extremely sinful triple x sundae from nydc (finally used up that voucher), and the subway sandwich i'd been craving for since the advert on tv last night, and then nanny macphee with evange and kenrick, which is a nice lighthearted show that'll make your life a little better :) plus the cute boy from love actually doesn't seem to have grown up, and remains as cute as ever.

oh yes, kenrick tham, i hate you. i don't like people who can eat everything they want and not grow fat =)

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