Wednesday, March 08, 2006

sucks, just sucks.

sucks when plans fail.
sucks when i feel like a loser.
sucks even more when i AM a loser.
sucks when the only news you get is bad news.
sucks when spots wasn't easy, and i couldn't cheat.
sucks when there's no school but exams in 3 weeks.
sucks most when the friends you love are sad. cheer up, you!

the only thing that doesn't suck, is munich. which gave me a headache, and traumatised the hell out of everyone. sigh. bad-news-day just keeps getting worse. don't be guilty it's not your fault. i want to wake up and find it was just a dream. please?

sucks when your lacrimal gland is overreacting. and there's no shoulder to lean on, no tissue to be handed over to you, and no one to buy you sweet things to make it slightly better temporarily.
sucks. just SUCKS.

ps. look, no f-ing f word, despite the f-ed-up-ness.

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