Wednesday, April 19, 2006

driving week, iceskating day!

hello people, it's driving week! gonna try not to fail any more things than i already have. bleah. and i will find my shoes (haha such ambitions i have) and i can't take it anymore, once i get my hands on money, i'm going to splurge on gilmore girls. ah retail therapy, ah the wonders of spending all your savings on good investments such as attaining a driving license, footwear, and girly shows :)

anyway tuesday was 3stan + joel iceskating day! :)
plenty of laughing at suriya's sexy singlet - i present Exhibit A, moses laughing at the fallen, then falling, Exhibit B, my overdramatic fall (thankfully no Exhibit C cos it happened at the speed of light, kinda)
and tonnes of SCREAMING as rou dragged me (causing the speed of light incident), then bean, and i'm quite sure other people too, around the rink, as evil ian zoomed around pushing/pulling people from behind, as hon and liwei sneakily stuffed ice down someone's shirt. i really can't think of a funner way to fall and freeze the day away :)

* * * * *

horror of horrors, i have a cavity! it's from Eating Continuously, as my dentist kindly put it =( i always thought cavities were for old people, sigh. from now on i'm going to do the honlyn thing and brush my teeth madly :)

before i could start on that plan though, right after my dental appointment, i went on an eating spree all thanks to shengxiang, i.e. continuous eating please - beef brisket noodles, half-boiled eggs, haagen daz (i think i've found my favourite flavour) oh actually my list of foods isn't so bad compared to his, which i think will be too space consuming =p

k, Exhibits A and B, and other photos of the day. i love 3stan!

moses falling for the millionth time =pproof that liwei has TWO eyebrows. don't kill me! hahaha =p
and saving the best for last - doesn't this remind you of grease =p

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