Sunday, April 16, 2006

i want to read books, NOW

pissy mood now! not because it was an unsuccessful cap-shopping trip with philip - hello you! i can't wait to see london and eat good food. not because the onitsuka tigers i wanted didn't come in my size, i suspect they're for men *sulk*. not because there's still the issue of straight subs. (fuck.) okay maybe not not because of that last reason.

i don't really know why, but i'm suddenly very put off by people referring to their boyfriends as "the bf" i mean, i know friends who do that (sorry, i still love you) but when i see that on a personal blog, it just makes things too impersonal, like addressing an object/entity. ah who am i to judge, okay forget it. this realisation that i don't like that's somewhat irrational, and suspiciously, probably, perhaps, maybe just out of plain old jealousy =p

hmm, i think it's high time i get my hands on good books. it's such a joy to read literature that isn't relevant to my studies. but then, i'll never be able to escape my studies, since it's so relevant to life. quite literally. aiya okay ran out of mood to blog. i find myself highly irritating these days. bye!!

ps. happy easter! no nice eggs this year. what a difference from last year (refer to last year's easter post for a happier time haha)

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