Thursday, April 13, 2006

kboxing day!

i went to kbox today! <-- insert infinite number of exclamation marks haha. because if you know me at all, i wouldn't have sung even if my life were at stake, despite the "dance like no one can see you, sing as though no one can hear you, love like you've never been hurt before, and live life as if heaven were on earth" it was an impromptu decision due to distinction-vivas-for-physio-AND-biochem-baorong's inordinate fear of ice skating. the microphones were not too loud, which was good because of my embarrassing inability to carry a tune. but, the best part was when hon and i totally assailed the others' eardrums with 'i want to hold your hand' which i remember i was crazy over in j2 haha! wow. lalala~

yeah you, got that something,
i think you'll understand
when i say that something
i want to hold your hand
i want to hold your haaaaaand

and hello anyone with ah niu songs, send to me!!
hee that's a really really bad photo in the kbox room. box, more like it. haha no pun intended. hahaha. and, very importantly. as you can tell, i'm a bit high. because... heng ka lao sai! even if i do get it, it'll still be in time for my europe trip! i have at least one month to play!! so, once again, heng ka lao sai! :)

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