Sunday, April 30, 2006

not sulking!

i was very disappointed when i got to the church and couldn't find any of you there. i hope you had a good reason. i hope you were there in spirit. if not, i hope you can live with it. k that's not my point. it felt so surreal - i stood behind her father, listened to her courageous tale, and i understood the wisdom of the homily. she's let go, so must i.

* * * * *

and now i understand why it is that my friends despised you (wth such rubbish english). i wonder why people are so blind to the very flawed nature of everyone else, and especially their other halves. then it's perhaps a built-in mechanism, a prerequisite for a person to become a full-fledged friend, the ability to sniff out any phoneys and vigorously warn your friends about it. i really hate people who lie. you don't deserve anything.

* * * * *

and omg who the hell do you think you are? if you're not exactly mr popular-and-charming-can-get-away-with-saying-outrageous-things, why say such offensive shit. go away, i really don't feel guilty for being evil anymore. i really don't feel bad for spreading the hatred. pang sai la.

* * * * *

hmm. dumdeedum. waiting for a change in the winds is like waiting for me to grow taller! =( okay la, to not end on a bad note (ha.) lemme tell you about my fantastic dream a few nights back. i dreamt i had such a handsome love of my life! who was a great kisser! and has nice strong arms! mwahaha, i think it was ili's influence, all that talk =p gilmore girls marathon soon babe! :)

ps. ugly photos coming soon!

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