Friday, April 28, 2006

it melted in my pocket

okay, i can't explain how i lost my lust for life and love. i think i dropped it along orchard road, then took 171 home. or maybe it melted in my pockets =p with all the things happening, i should've been counting my blessings and chionging to live. but what's been filling my head are strange thoughts and sian-ness enough to bore you to sleep.

and, i'm also very cowardly. i'd rather... stay away. how many times have i backed out of things, from visiting people in the hospital, never going back to my old ccas, deleting posts i think might offend or show the part of me that isn't fantastic to see, refusing to read the news, even.

would you know me if i didn't blog? this is just a really convenient way of guessing what's up in my convoluted head because i do drop clues when i feel open enough to share. are those rubbish quizzes we all post from time to time the most true indication of what's going through our mind? assuming no one lies. ha. ha. unless people just come here to admire photos of my pretty friends - you know who you are.

would you make it a point to talk to me if there wasn't anything that is talk-about-able here? would it pique your curiosity if i said things like "i think i'm falling for him" etc? how many times have i actually talked to people only because their blog entry caught my eye and made me wonder what they were talking about? would we care otherwise?

would you know me better if i didn't blog?
how about if i post lyrics and poetry? or photos, just for today?

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