Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bread and butter, coffee and cake (and curry!)

mad rush of planning, shopping, baking, eating and lying to friend - happy birthday hon! and shengxiang too! =) excerpts from the past few days... plus photos in a while.

"the world is sooooo big, and my butt is so small!"
- relatively small butt girl, at starbucks :)

"before we start, d*d*i*k wants me to give you a speech from him : i am very sorry that i couldn't be here today as i am currently in malaysia... i hope you will remember me always"

- spokesperson for mr newyorkrocks chan.

- giggly person laughing at our very original birthday card. see below!

"don't you think natasha is a hot name. ooh, or natalie!!!"
"i bet you were really flattered when you were stalked. did you like it? hm, you don't even have to answer that, i know the answer already."
- and i still love you, go figure. better than people who only talk to me when they need something :)

"eh everyone is so white. except suriya!"- one of my loves.

"you are 20th!"
- hahaha guess whose silky legs! (:

"Q: does the cake look good and professional?
A: yes, the top only"
- fan of our simple chocolate cake, and beloved birthday girl *huGs*
ian let's make more tops of cakes!

time and tide wait for no man, people say.
and i never paid any attention to it.
but now i know. life goes on. regardless.
the world doesn't stop for anything. when your world falls apart, it doesn't affect the woman sitting opposite you on the bus. schools don't declare holidays just because you feel sick. birthday parties still go on even if it's been the worst day of your life.

time seems to stretch till forever, and we're just here in the blink of an eye. the world is so big, and i feel so small. sheesh.

it is NOT the worst day of my life, in fact it's one of the better days of this rainy month.

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