Monday, April 24, 2006

someone like who?

hugh jackman is cute albeit too hairy for singapore's weather =p
i wonder who came up with the fantastic hairstyle first, him or patrick dempsey. ah well, there's brad pitt next saturday so it doesn't matter. haha totally bimbotic huh :)

why does Hope linger? it's in its nature to be stubborn, appear at the wrong times, just when you thought your brain had fazed it out. as i slammed shut the laptop last night i couldn't help but think that my heart was going to fall out of my ribcage. and this afternoon i couldn't help but say hello back, and i had to bite my tongue (or rather sit on my hands) to keep from saying that it's cos of you that i'm like that. and then, in the evening, a glimmer that this may work its way to a miracle. won't it please? i can't help but hope.

hai. i couldn't help but think that Hope and Stupidity must be partners in crime. i so badly want to be pessimist, or a realist, anything but an optimistic fool who doesn't know when to admit defeat. anything, just not disappointed anymore. please work.

"i suddenly lost my mood. okay lost mood now but tomorrow is different" let's hope so.

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