Wednesday, May 03, 2006

p.s chris o'donnell is also to die for =)

i don't want to die in surgery.

morbid as that sounds, i was watching the latest grey's (kaizhi, we can scrap watchgrey's day now) and suddenly thought about it. seriously. this is in comparison with dying in a bed etc. the way the patients get wheeled into the operating theatre, countdown from 10 while given anesthesia and then later flatline... gives no sense of closure. i don't think i'd be able to choose when the time comes, but i'm just saying. i'd rather say goodbye, and know that it's happening so that i can make my peace.

i want to do everything at least once.

a lot of my fantasies involve parks. fantasies not in a dirty way! park, frisbee in any park with nice grass, running around with my one million cute dogs,i'm talking concert in hyde basking in the sun (with the perfect amount of clouds and shade) with someone i love by my side - chen's supposed to find me a nice heyhey. okay since i'm quite accomplished in the heyhey department i believe, maybe i should look for something more solid, stable and forever.

MI3 : not bad though the plot, the substance, i found, was wanting.
but tom and his sidekick. argh, to die for =)

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