Sunday, May 28, 2006

shoes, check!

new shoe(s) yay! hmm, but for some reason it looks better on my knees than on my feet, and my mum likes them much more than me. whatever, yay that's the last item on my list - driving license, gilmore girls, shoes to go travelling (c.f. goals for the month) - and now i've also got jiawei's very cool! backpack so i can start packing :) oh my dear best friends, i will NOT be seen struggling with mr stripey (the bolster), cos my mum made me stuff it into the very cool! backpack. and then she laughed at how ingenius she was. oh man, yunlei i'd give anything to see you roll your eyes right now =p

things i want to do:
1. shop
2. find funky things for my loves, and send spastic postcards!
3. visit as many museums as i can until i get bored of it
4. eat the local food, drink coffee/tea at cafes, and read/people watch
5. go crazy with my camera, your camera, and anyone else's camera =)
6. take in all the wonderful sights and, see above.
7. travel by all the modes of transport possible
8. picnic at a park, play frisbee at a park, attend a concert at a park. walk around a park at night. is that dangerous? whatever. park freak, me
9. sneak into a university library or two and explore
10. go to mass at a big cathedral, or a small church, anywhere really

* * * * *

i think i've set the record for the world's stupidest mistake ever.
not supposed to be sad, but it's hard not to be. isn't it.
i'll go and say a proper goodbye soon.
weep not for the memories.

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