Tuesday, May 30, 2006

spastic post!

dear diary, this morning i woke up, brushed my teeth washed my face (haha i just typed fashed my wace hahaha) and drove to school for the 2nd time in my life. and thennn, i went to wait at the bus stop. stupid 95 took forever to come, and thennn 106 took forever to come, so i got on 111. budden, it was so crowded and the roads were all jammed because everyone loves going to work in the morning, especially when i'm starving and craving pancakes since itkz mentioned macs. so i was late for the 3stani breafkast <-- argh i am dyslexic today, goodness knows why. which should actually be called 3tans breakfast cos only 3 tans showed up. so we all met at the starbucks at city hall and decided to move 1metre to reach *drumroll* the place next door. haha budden, cafe cartel doesn't serve breakfast on weekdays because everyone loves going to work in the morning. so hor, we went to cedele instead. ah hon got a muffin set, ah zhi also got a muffin set, and i got this big big chicken sandwich which i made everyone else eat too. yay, sharing and caring. and thennn, we went to the bus stop to go to gleneagles together because we are nice people and ah hon had to go for a meeting there. oh we showed ah zhi a picture of the pretty girl in 412, but aiya so sad the picture not very nice. and then, ah hon wanted to beat up ah zhi because he didn't flag the bus. i think ah hon badly needs operation to be demure (HAHA i might be high from watching too much dh by the way) haha then we met rose on the bus to gleneagles and then we got off at the wrong bus stop. aiyoh. then i walkwalk with rose and hon to the medical centre then took a cab home. while getting into the cab, the driver very cheeko, told me that he saw this woman (who is damn suay) whose skirt had fallen off and that it's too bad i missed it, then he continued to giggle all the way till i got home. aiyoh.

ok this is so irritating, and tiring, aren't you glad i don't do this often!

btw ilai, i really think tally will win! yay, go tally! =)

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