Thursday, June 01, 2006

better half

woohoo it's june! =)

2006 hasn't been very good to me starting right from new year's day. and i guess there's nothing to do about it, unless one of my friends has built a time machine and is hiding it under his/her bed. in which case, never mind. i'm not of sound mind to be trusted with tweaking the past anyway.

as i was saying, quarrelling on new year's eve then coming home at 2am feeling like crap is definitely considered starting off on the wrong foot. but i always believe in 2nd chances (actually no not really, but read on) and i'm not going to give in to crap so easily. so, i've made a halfyear resolution - to do what i have to do, when i have to, and do it well. honestly, it's way better than the lame be-honest-to-boys one, which for some time already has lost its relevance.

ooh and since i've learnt that gossip can be bad, and that friends are precious. i'm going to keep gossiping to a minimum (ha impossible you say?), say as little hurtful things as i possibly can, and love my friends, until they get sick of it =) yay, i can't wait start my day!

cheers to a better half of 2006 :)

p.s. happy holidays!!

addendum : ha!! someone just pointed out that half a year would only be gone at the end of june =p and omg, NOT gossiping is hard.

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