Thursday, June 22, 2006

i've never

good morning! it's 6am london time, and i've been awake since 7am florence time (which would be precisely 24 hours ago) my trip to italy has been full of good food and shopping, with much world cup watching, acting cute/being childish and photo-taking. this will be the first time i've travelled without a tour guide, without parents or teachers, left completely on my own except for money and a best friend - which is all you really need, and a good map if you have a bad sense of direction. argh, i will write more when my brain regains function and my stomach doesn't feel so sea-sick from the drinking game we tried to play through the night.

meanwhile, here's a photo of the ruins in rome. this is some temple of someone. when i remember who, i will change this sentence.

hai, i really miss my dogs, my bed and the water in singapore =/

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