Sunday, June 25, 2006

la dolce vita

i had the time of my life in london-oxford-italy! recharged and (maybe not so) ready to chiong for the supps now, i'm eternally grateful to jo (and yunlei, zhui, zy and alfonso) for the fantabulous last 18 days. it's a bittersweet event, coming home, what with all the things that need to be done eg unpacking, settling down, studying. but mostly all of that fell away when i saw my dear dogs and crashed into my own bed.

bleah, i won't bore you people with my travel itinerary; i think writing it down would mean so much more. but there'll still be photos :) feels a bit weird that on the last day of my trip, i'm posting the first day's photos, sorta like living life in a loop.

guess where i met yunlei and jo

there's a video on how we fit an emily into jiawei's backpack

touristy shot! at royal albert hall

get used to the touristy photos, there are tonnes more.

duck peeing at hyde park

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