Tuesday, June 27, 2006

italy 1 - australia 0

BIG BALL! ah yes, the world cup. something i watch every 4 years, and people ask if it's only for the guys. admittedly, cute guys like kaka do make it easy on the eyes. but it's really much more than that; the passion, and loyalty of the fans (and soccer players) make me see why.

5 things you will/must see/eat in italy - 1. piazzas
2. fountains 3. vespas (either with women in long flowing dresses, or men in suits)4. gelato (it was wayyy bigger than this at first)5. pizzas (omg damn good la!) one hamsup chef let me into his kitchen too :)
argh omg help, i'm severely jetlagging (hi it's 7am and i'm wide awake) people are coming over in the afternoon. if you all find me more blur than usual, it's cos of the lack of sleep O_o"

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