Monday, July 10, 2006

gracelessness, and other random photos from italy

while in the vatican we saw a lot of "don't slip" signs and we would just crack up from the memory of me falling down the stairs at our first hostel. in exactly the same position as illustrated below. was it because i was wearing my onebigonesmall slippers? boo. zj let's go shop for havianas!
sleepy old man! he'll be there every night (we went back twice more) perpetually glued to his glass of beer and waking up to cheer whenever a goal's scored/when the commentator sounds more agitated than normal. good memories of brits sitting behind us, all sloshed and slurring but ever so loyal. and my VOBS - variety of beans soup - one adventurous night. and HAHA that totally hamsup waiter! =p

haha it's not so much the name of the club that caught my eye. this was on our way back to the hostel after a day in capri (more on that another day) and no, we didn't go and watch anyone streap tease =p
despite the failure of a trip up to mt vesuvio... like hello, we only had 15 minutes to climb up and down because by the time they finished trying to cheat our money, it was already closing time. nvm we managed to squeeze in flower appreciation time. and got on the bus for free =)
pinocchio was here. a real toy shop, the old toymaker looks like gipetto!
for fear of being glared at again (cf grumpy oxford girl) i decided to be a coward and took a photo of these boys' backs. at florian's in rome, the place we had dinner at. twice. the photo does not do their hair justice! omg. gorgeous gorgeous europeanboy hair :)

forza italia!!

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