Saturday, July 08, 2006


the first 6 minutes were boring as hell with nerves getting the better of both sides. but when professionaldiverronaldo "tripped" over a german player and rolled thrice, the referee reached in and took out his ORANGE card and blew the whistle. mr ronaldo's been sent off! however he can, if scolari wants, come back after 45 minutes because an orange card dictates that he only be sent off for half a game. well, of course.

after the initial commotion, the ball's in play again. the camera zooms in to zidane doing his pirouette, only to be fended off by materazzi and cannavaro (omg somehow they both seem very sexy. hm maybe it's the tattoos.) and the ball goes to pirlo with his godlike quality hair - sweaty but perfect. and the italians rush off to score a million goals! woohoo!!

now i start wondering, since when were there orange cards? the referee washed his shirt without removing his yellow and red cards, so the colours ran. oh okay then, why didn't i think of that i must be getting dumb. then i ask myself why a single french player and the italians are suddenly playing in a (very strange but logical enough to me) german-portugal match, and why everyone's in blue jerseys except buffon in maroon. and why there's drilling and pounding going on downstairs. someone has switched on the lights in my room to wake me up. GG.

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