Saturday, July 08, 2006

the nineteen in neverland rant

as baichi (i shall fudge this person's name so that he won't feel too old and embarrassed) comes to the end of his teenhood, half a year later than me, i stop to think of the implications of not being as young as i'd like to be. urgh, what awful thoughts. i won't share them here :/ :\ :|

july was the month of birthdays i never got to celebrate, but this year's different! a few of my favourite people are adding a year to their age this month. yay? rather ambivalent about this point. i have a fear* of ageing, but it's always fun to be able to enjoy a few/many slices of birthday cake, bumming and bitching with good company in spite of the bigbadsupps.

speaking of which, today i started my day with about ten thousand tonnes of chocolate - iced cocoa from starbucks, valrhona chocolate cake, chocolate macademia cookies. after which, none of us could eat lunch properly. sadly, there are no photos of this chocolate fest/feast because my hands were busy shovelling food into my mouth. and the photos we took after that are just ghastly =p

to end off, don't worry dear baichi, i will always be older than you. =(
and, happy birthday! =)

*it's not an irrational fear like that of my hairdryerphobia, but one based on deep thoughts rooted in regret and the urge to live a meaningful life before it's too late. hm.

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