Wednesday, July 05, 2006

too fat to blog

looks like i'll have to strike competitive eating off my list of ambitions. today's 5 hour long gorging + walking journey proved to be too much for what i thought was my bottomless pit of a stomach. tiong bahru's non-existent min jiang kueh led us to eat a hell lot of chwee kueh, other teochew kuehs and an egg tart. then it was off to chinatown, maxwell and later honglim complex for award-winning chicken curry noodles and more assorted snacks and beverages. oh my tian, TOTAL FATNESS. shortcut through fort canning - haha to look at rocks ;) then gave up and took a bus to balmoral. okay i'm tired of typing. one quick note, waffletown isn't great!! or at least the ambience and the customers. and ponana, i last had waffles at venezia, the gelato place not country, in april! =)

now that the FatFeeling has somewhat passed (oh stop sniggering) i can honestly say that that was a really nice morning! (:

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Belisa said...


tal vez no entiendas mucho de lo que te escribo...

sólo queria decirte que estan muy simpáticas tus fotografias.

espero que estes bien

nice blogger!

goog luck!