Wednesday, July 19, 2006

in capri

in capri, the taxis drive around pretty couples in their shades and cotton shirts (and pants i suppose), waiters introduce themselves and tell you about their family-owned restaurants, and the tourists are smiling at cameras from all angles. oh, did i mention that the waiters are gorgeous, they only have to smile to make you hungry and feel faint enough to sit down at their restaurants? all he did was say "buongiorno. this is my family restaurant, we provide good food..." and in a heartbeat, we were seated and ordering from his menu. spaghetti scoglio - seafood is never a bad choice when on an italian island - started the day off just perfectly. (jo is in possession of evidence that the waiter is nothing short of gorgeous, don't worry i will share when i get my hands on it!)

we gave the grottos a miss due to lack of time and money, and settled for sunbathing at marina piccolo. for some reason we believed that it would be bigger and better than the pebble beach we first encountered (piccolo means small and we never really perused the guidebook's "useful phrases" chapter. i only found out on the last day of our tour when i tried to order a small bottle of mineral water) so it was a breathtaking cable car ride to the hill top for a bus ride down to the marina.

in capri, there is aloe vera growing around the railings of someone's staircase, and we pluck one leaf off just in case we need to use it later. but in capri, the sun shines just brightly enough for you to tan, but friendly enough to spare us from being burnt. they sat on a rock and had their quiet time, then we attempted to skip stones across the water, ever so peaceful at low tide but cold as hell if you tried to wade in after tanning. we posed for photographs for ages, amusing all the other tourists who were definitely not ashamed of their out-oh-shapeliness, but we still looked like walruses every single time. that, capri couldn't change, and those photos will not be released for public viewing. i can hear chen sigh with relief.

in capri, the hills are literally brimming with lemons ready for harvest, small beaches with the bluest waters and quaint little shops selling limoncello and sandals. cashiers and shop owners there live to entertain. "the magic lemon" was the name of the shop we entered, curious about the famed limoncello. antonio (haha typical foreign-man name) and sara watched as the 3 of us picked out what we liked, and cajoled me into buying more than i could carry - seriously, 22kg of luggage had to be checked in at heathrow. in the end, antonio bubble-wrapped everything and wrote their names on the box, for remembrance sake.

in capri, there's not a care in the world. time stands still as the sun takes an eternity to set, and no one worries about things with no solutions. i want to go back to the isle of capri and be a walrus again. urgh. i'm in the midst of medicamp, and other bigger things, bye for now =/ more photos to come.

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