Friday, July 21, 2006

tribute to sony

i just named my camera "sony" :)

dear sony,

thank you for being there for me when i wanted to capture all the beautiful things that i've been so blessed to have been able to witness. and also, all the spastic poses (remember the fit-emily-into-a-backpack mission that was recorded on my london trip), the photowhorish moments, and the completely bo liao periods in my life. up till now, you have been a faithful and reliable companion, allowing me to erase the ugly shots and retaking photos till i'm fully satisfied.

i'm so very sorry that you had to go like that, with a broken heart/lcd screen. it is with great sadness that i bid you goodbye. hopefully i will find you a camera repair shop and we will see each other soon. i have, and always will, love you.

sincerely, emily

* * * * *

rollercoaster ride of emotions the past few days - from panic, to despair, to sheer joy, to pride (because my og, the 3littlepigs, is only The best og for medicamp 2006) to bitchmode. bitchmode is not strictly an emotion, or anything for that matter, but i just had to include it =p

medicamp will be talked about later - i seem to be losing my write-about-things-that-happened-today way of blogging. overall, i quite enjoyed myself despite the spoilt camera, the period of urgh-ness in between, and the lack of sleep. in particular, lack of sleep in my bed.

here's the photo that triggered off a massive photowhoring session. happy happy night, lotsa red shirts =) zj's phone flips the photos!

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