Sunday, July 23, 2006

i'm bloody bored

don't you just wanna laugh when you see this. happifying photo!

3stan - alvintankahheng proving that his head is smaller than mine. WOW.

make sure you look carefully at the 2 guys on the right.

things to remember about medicamp '06
1. photowhoring madness
2. very nice m1s who cycled out to buy us food, including ben&jerry's!
3. joel's birthday surprise
4. talking - includes openbitching and gossiping
5. seeing guanhong poledance
6. using up all the soap, shampoo and colgate on james, yikang, zisheng and joel. there may be a youtube video =) same goes for #5.
7. being stationmaster for the world's most boring game that didn't turn out too badly. beware the marbles, understand =p

there i've blogged about medicamp. basically i like my og and fellow ogls quite a lot, and i can't wait to see what's gonna happen next. okay that's it, i'm off to watch superman (yes i know, i'm probably the last person to watch it, and army boys and very busy m3s are not counted)

6 hours later - i'm still bored, but i bought myself a comic book so i'll be entertained for a while. and superman was very long, but superman junior is adorable!

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