Wednesday, July 26, 2006

once bitten,

//never shy.

the thing about getting hurt by someone you love, is that when it happens, there might be no one else to turn to for comfort. do you turn your back on it and declare it unsalvageable? would you give it an ultimatum? do you go back time and again, even if it means more pain? does that make you a coward? does that make you an addict? does that make you stupid?

or do you exact revenge? do you ignore the past and pretend nothing ever happened? or do you step up the friendliness and warmth, out of some crazy notion that being nicer would make it all better? does that make you malicious and evil? unfeeling? does that make you stupid?

no i'm not hurting because my dog bit me over a piece of gardenia bread - i understand because gardenia rocks and it was dangling in his face. no i will not castrate him like someone suggested. what happened has been half forgotten and the scar almost fully healed. the morning after, he looked rather apologetic, and licked my hand. awwww!! okay admittedly that may not have been the wisest thing to do with a cut/bite. but still, you know it's love when you go back for more. for better or worse eh.

after all, there aren't any guys to do that to me (not the biting or licking haha, i hope you got my point)

i'm posting this because my camera is spoilt and the photowhoring has stopped temporarily. and this post was long overdue. actually now that i think about it, we are all bound to the ones we love; whether we like it or not we cannot choose who we love. it's why some people fade away just like that, but some just stay there forever, whatever the time or place.

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That Ottawa Girl said...

Hi Emily. I stumbled on your blog, quite refreshingly actually. I think i'll pull up and chair and have a good read. :-) I just wanted to say that I couldn't agree more with your post today. I don't believe either, you choose who you fall in love just sort of happens. Call it fate, or whatever. But that's just the way it is. Better or for worse, there's alot to be said about that! Keep keepin it real.