Wednesday, August 16, 2006

after the love goes

sick from school, sick of school. and it's not even been a week. anyway it's a good thing i had the brilliant idea to have a talk cock with jo session before my voice disappears, as i predict will happen by friday. i want my nine hours of sleep a day! gah.

to distract me from the dire state of affairs regarding school hours and the shitty timetable, especially unfair to the later half of the class, but inevitable because there are just too many things we should learn, i'd now like to point out that when i'm not happy i fall sick, and when i fall sick i'm not happy. and i start thinking about strange sad things! bah, just ignore me if i'm grumpy in school la. or give me food :)

i wish all this would go away. was gonna type something analyzing a dying relationship - not something that rightfully concerns me, but i'm concerned anyway. very often the be all and end all of all explanations is that some things just aren't mean to be. it's very hard to accept; sometimes you have to fight for what you want, sometimes you just don't get what you want, sometimes you don't feel the way you want to feel, sometimes you can't bring yourself to like someone. aiya, heck la. do what you want to do, but don't drag others into your mess. haha i have no conclusion to this paragraph, and my writing sucks. whatever.

happy birthday kenrick! goodnight!

ps. i had the most wonderful mango milk ice today! are you jealous? =p

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