Saturday, August 12, 2006

arghhhh, school!

i survived the first day of the second year of school!

granted, it was nothing more than the giving out of timetables/notes, and sitting down at our patho lab seats. we moved 2 seats from where we were sitting in m1. wow. but then i think it had quite a nice ending to it - 3stan had lunch altogether for the first time in 4 months.

i never thought of doing an end-of-m1 post till today. so i shall do it now, before i start panicking over how depressingly crowded and tiny the font is on our timetable; looks like afterschool floorball will have to be postponed forever more if all our days are so packed. and i shall do it in point form interjected with photographs (many of which i've posted before) since my english is deteriorating and i can no longer form nice flow-y paragraphs. and also because itkz can't read it all unless there are pictures!
okay, here's my m1 in 12 pictures. haha.

1. my og, captain planet, the first friends i made in m1. we cheered like mad during medicamp, sewed like crazy for float, cycled in ubin, bladed to bedok (jetty) and sang in the rain for d&d. even after the honeymoon period was over, we still stuck together like glue in our comfy old lt29 (kenrick who likes his name to be mentioned and dedrick are nice people), studied together and saw each other through hard times. i also came away from medicamp with a great councillor and friend. so, it rocked :)

2. my anatomy group, the famous(?) 3stan, met exactly one year ago - OMG, HAPPY 3STAN DAY!! - in the smelly room in the anat hall. dr dinesh kumar started taking attendance and we introduced ourselves as he read out our names (yemily tan) and we had to say where we lived for goodness knows why. i remember taking Bad Photos during histo pract (but none here today!), studying in the library, gmailing each other songs, the bbq at ian's, 3stan olympics at kahheng's, slacking at my place, prata near bean's, etc. after all the time spent together, now there's no need for such a funky name; we're just good friends lunching on fridays.

3. i don't remember studying as much as i remember how we spent our holidays. but the supps was an anxious time for me where friends from all over came to lend a hand/shoulder/notes/brains/moral support. thanks! :)

4. lbbc! :) actually it was all the outings dating as far back as medicamp'06, then the circle-of-trust-night, culminating in the establishment of the great lbbc on that fateful fireworks-y night. i still consider it an m1 event because school doesn't offically officially start till monday :/:\:|

who would've thought i would fit in so comfortably, when a year ago i grudgingly went to medicamp not expecting anything, grumpy as hell and totally pessimistic - i was disappointed with some of the first few lectures. when push comes to shove though, it becomes clear that this is the only path i'd want to take. and the friendships forged made all the difference.

cya on monday! and bring labcoats! =p

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