Monday, August 07, 2006

lazy hazy crazy summer days

it's always easy to pick up where we left off.
anatolia (turkish food) was our pick, and within a few seconds, the whole restaurant was filled with laughter and it's sad that not everyone was there. catching up, gossiping, random topics.

but the topics that night were a little more grownup, and it felt a little surreal. all the talk about companies and leverages and the millions and millions of dollars that we could make if we chose certain careers =p anyhow, there's a great pride being associated with my jet-setting, high-flying, do-good-ing, fun-having friends :)

this bond between us is special - who finds such a great bunch of friends - that's why it's always easy to pick up where we left off.

* * * * *

school's starting soon and the race is on! the race to squeeze all the fun things we could possibly do into 3 days, that is. with the people i love/ whoever's free. floorball, badminton, 1 litre of tears, gilmoregirls3, good food good drinks, fireworks, outings to places we'll never normally go, blading maybe. no time, no time!! ready, set, chiong! :)

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