Saturday, August 05, 2006

cleaning it with salt, so it will still feel new

even though they didn't do anything in particular, some people just make me gloomy. it's not their fault they remind me of Sad Things, but that's just the way it is. worse still if you see them often; you're not allowed to heal. now even Time won't heal all wounds.

so? avoidance, escapism, walking the other way. there seems to be less to say, and it seems to get harder to make eye contact without blushing/feeling like crap. in a while, it becomes second nature to carry on with your life, and eventually the sadness-inducing people take a backseat. that way, instead of a daily dose of rubbing salt into the wound, there's space and time to internalise, get perspective, and get over it. after all, if these Sad Things are to be a thing of the past, all you have to do is to deal with the People Associated With It and slowly everything will fall into place. right?

i understand now why some people have stopped talking to some other people. but hasn't it been enough time already? hasn't the gash turned into a scar. what happens if it can't be avoided? and worse still, what if it's your problem, that you. can't. move. on. even if everyone keeps away from you, what if your stitches keep ripping anyway?

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