Thursday, August 03, 2006

bittersweet symphony

quote of the day: "eh so fast! august october november then december!!"

i was going to do picture of the day - it would have been someone in hot shorts but alas he took my camera - but too many the past few days, so i'm just gonna put all that i have. starting with the diva himself =)

on wednesday, eugene brought us to ah chew's dessert place at liang seah street. please don't eat the white fungus and papaya thingy.

one of many - maria, patupong and their mum

one of many - my super act-cute-photowhoring friends

zhimin ian eugene and i watched "1 litre of tears" seriously after the rest left. and once the flood gates were opened, omg =p

to cheer ourselves up, cinnamon + hot chocolate powder pancakes! haha the one here looks like a very cute fish =p

speaking of which, chocolate fondue over chocolate cake is fantastically chocolatey and delicious! and, mango vs zara! stupid joke =/

a lullaby to calm me down the night before, major circle of trust outings, failing to look 21 and ending up watching acapella performances at night, 1 litre (or more) of tears, chocolate-galore days. no, it's not because the world was going to end, it's because i was in the company of people who stood by me. thanks, my loves! :)

however, the gigantic load off my shoulders is overshadowed by this immense sense of injustice - you really deserve better, we all know that and we will be there to help in any way possible.

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