Wednesday, August 23, 2006

wake me up when school ends

summer has come and passed. actually, has it? i don't really mind autumn because the leaves turn that shade of red i like. what am i saying, i've never gone anywhere during autumn >.< i'm in singapore where the weather sucks big time and i'm either in school complaining about how bored i am, or not in school complaining how school sucks big time too.

frequency of blogging has decreased solely because there's nothing i want to say out loud/type out for all to see (except that weather sucks and school sucks). guess you'll have to wait till there's a funky outing, which will have to wait till everyone's in a better mood, which will have to wait till the suckiness of school diminishes. bleah.

there's hardly enough time to feel lonely, except those few moments. those few moments, that crawl by while waiting for the bus or trudging home and up the stupid slope. it's enough, trust me.

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