Thursday, August 31, 2006

pullover jacket sweater vest argh

"wah, like winter like that" - my friend honlyn.

a myriad of sweaters on parade as we took a stroll after the lecture. haha :) oh no i think it's another thing that only hon and i will find funny. yes, it was a cold cold day for singapore. perfect weather for sleeping in, reading storybooks, drinking hot chocolate/tea, calling old friends to talk.

after an exasperating and rainy day, or rather days, looking for preppy clothes - i'm really sorry to everyone i've pissed off with my grumpiness and whining and attitude. i promise, no more for this week! tgif! - i've come to the conclusion that no one should ever have to spend more time wandering around town with no visible results, than they spend enjoying their very nice bed and catching up with precious sleep.

happy teacher's day to all my friends who are teachers and all teachers who are my friends. except this guy who refused to give us nice powerpoint slides, and my first pbl tutor. d&d's on saturday. cya when i have photos =)

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