Sunday, September 03, 2006

dress cutely while your age still allows it

wah, look like winter like that. and what more, winter in the 70's/80's, where sweater vests, plaid, pleats and baker caps were all the rage.

the last masquerade - my table turned up as deliquents/punks, a messenger boy, a parisian artist without his painting paraphernalia, an olivertwist and school girls and boys. all in vests! the usual phototaking ensued, with everyone and anyone, a surprise present from my sweet councillee, a really good dinner (shark's fin soup leh. and dessert buffet!) and side-splitting entertainment largely provided by the preppy people from my table, medicine queen/construction worker tan rou an, and medical king/horse abintan. and to make our many shopping trips and hours of preparation worth it, we just had to walk around in public to show off our outfits one final time :)

a preview! omg rou, is it that the helmet adds so much height, or do rubber boots have such thick soles =p more on flickr.

my favourite construction worker
yllsom's favourite horse
lift shot! credit to be given to bean the photographer for a lovely picture!
3stan photo :)
mirror mirror on the wall, who's the preppiest of them all?

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