Friday, September 08, 2006

fat man in europe

girl : "help, i have no boyfriend"
boy: "i don't have a girlfriend"
girl: "but... you're a guy"
boy: "precisely why i don't have a girlfriend."

that set me laughing for a good few minutes

i know just where i stand
i don't need you to hold my hand

back to the old happy self :)
although, i wish my best friends didn't have to leave so soon >.<

on a totally unrelated note, i went to lau pa sat for supper tonight. and as it turns out, fat man satay, the 2nd best satay stall in singapore - according to my dad, according to some tv show he watched - is closed! but not for good, he went to europe for holiday. omg la, first he went and took away the satay i wanted to eat, then he went off to my dream destination (which, frankly, is anywhere but nus. and iraq)
fat man, come back!! please?

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